Assigning to Named Session
  • Updated on 25 Jul 2014
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Assigning to Named Session

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Forms can be assigned to specific users or groups for completion. Assigning a form has a special purpose. We can have assignments appear in the  Tasks list of every person that is listed on the assignment or within the group. Also, by default, the assignee is sent an email to the task.


In this example we will assign form toNamed Session .
We begin with navigating to System > Security > Named Sessions and click the Add Named Session button.

Next we name our Named Session and pick an account this session will be related to.

Click OK to save theNamed Session .
Next, we navigate to a Designer Folder and click Create Flow .

Name the Flow and click OK to proceed.

Flow Designer opens and we locate [Pick or Create Form] under Flows, Rules, Forms and Reports > Forms[Interaction] in the Flow Designer's quick add window and click Add to add this step to the workspace.


From this Step's menu we select Pick or Create Form .
Next, we give our Form name and click Create to proceed to the Form Designer .

The main components of our form is a Text Box Multi Line and an Action Button .

We save our form and close it to return to the Flow Designer . In the Flow Designer we connect our steps.

From our form's Properties under Form Setup > Assignment Type Dropdown we select AssignedToNamedSession option.


In Assignment, under Named Session define the named session that will have the assignment.
Pick Named Session that we created in the first step of this example.

Click Done to close the assignment picker. This completes our Flow so we can save and close it.
If we select Run Flow then you will see that an assignment will display as a popup.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, assigning a task allows it to show on the task list of the assigned user.
Logout of Decisions.
Login as a user that is related to the Named Session (Authorized Developer) from the first step in this example.

We can see that our form is in the My Task folder and it is assigned to us.

If we click on it we have an option to run the assignment by selecting Review: Assignment Form.

We type in some text and click Done to close it.

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