Adding Outcome Data to Step Output
  • Updated on 12 Jun 2013
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Adding Outcome Data to Step Output

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When a step is placed within a flow, its outputs are automatically given path names that follow some basic default rules. To help you make these path names more meaningful, the Flow Designer offers controls to remap the parameters of step paths in a number of ways, including renaming them. These controls are found in the Properties panel of the Flow Designer , under Outputs > [OutcomeName] > [OutputName] .


The flow we'll use in our example contains two form steps: Add Article Form and Display Outcome Form
In some cases we will refer to these forms as first form and second form because of the order they are placed in the flow. The picture below is an example of what the completed flow looks like.

We will navigate to a Designer folder and click the Create Flow button.
Give the new flow a name and click OK .

We'll add two forms that were previously created for this example to the workspace.
The first form contains a Text Box with a label and data name of Subject,Text Box Multi Line with a label and data name of Message, and an Action button. 
First Form: 

Second Form:

In the Steps panel , in the category Forms [Interaction] > [Current Folder] > Add Outcome Form, and click Add. Follow the same steps to add the Display Outcome Form.
We will connect the outcome paths in the flow, then select our second form step and click the Edit Output Mappings link.

You can reconnect and/or rename the outcome paths if necessary.

We will select the first form to change the outcome data.
In the Properties panel, under the Outcomes section, we will select the Output Outcome Name checkbox. This will add an additional output to our first step: the name of the outcome which determined it. We'll see the implications of this change further down.
When we scroll down to the Outputs section of the Properties panel, we can see that the output of Message already has a mapping type of Rename and a default name value of Message

If we now look at the Output we will see a new output added to our list called Outcome Path Name . This is the Outcome Name we chose to output when we selected the Output Outcome Name check box. We are able to modify it before it goes to the second step. We will rename it New Output Path .

In order to see the input data that is available select the second form, and click the Edit Input Mappings link in the Edit Step panel.
When we view the input mappings we are able to see that are first form provides us with three variables that we can map in. The first two, Subject and Message , come from the data fields that we created in the first form. The third, New Output Path, comes from the added outcome path. Lets map the New Output Path to a field on our Display Outcome Form.

If we were to run the flow with the current input mappings, we will see that our added outcome path is displayed on the form. In the Flow Designer , click the Debug Flow link.


Fill in the form fields and click the button.


Outcome path displayed on the second form.


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