About Simple Flows
  • 28 Feb 2023
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About Simple Flows

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Simple Flows are a linear sequence of steps built using a simplified version of the pre-existing Flow Designer known as the Simple Flow Designer.

The following workflows may benefit from a Simple Flow:

  • Repetitive business processes with variation, examples include:
    • Marketing email drip campaigns
    • Manufacturing processes, such as Corrective Action Steps
    • QA Processes involving multiple similar but slightly different products
    • Business process outsourcing
  • Bottom-up business process planning often seen with collaboration between the Decisions Developer/Designer and a Business Process Expert.
    • The Designer builds the steps within Simplified Workflow and sends it to the Business Process Expert to build a full Workflow.

The Simple Flow Designer only allows access to user-configured Simple Flow Steps designed to act as individual points within a business process. They provide all the power of a full-sized Flow but act as a single step within a Simple Flow.

The steps within this designer are interchangeable and can also be reorganized according to a user's needs. These Flows can be packaged together to execute various commonly performed activities.

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