Appending HTML Lines Using String Builder
  • Updated on 05 Mar 2019
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Appending HTML Lines Using String Builder

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Appending HTML Lines using a String Builder Step requires a few steps to get the data from the database and then select the information needed to Append an HTML line into Text. The String Builder Steps are found in the Steps Tab under Data> Text> Builder.


The flow example below demonstrates how to append HTML lines to the String Builder. The steps used in the flow example are listed below.


  • Create String Builder: All Steps [Catalog] > Data > Text > Builder
  • Get all from dbo.ProductData: Integrations> My Integrations> Database> Mock Data (Database)> dbo_Products(Table)
  • ForEach Step: All Steps [Catalog] > Flow Management
  • Append HTML Line: All Steps [Catalog] > Data > Text > Builder
  • To HTML Text: All Steps [Catalog] > Data > Text > Builder


Create String Builder

In the Create String Builder Step s editor under Outputs set the Done path to Rename and enter CreateStringBuilder_Output.

Get all from dbo.ProductData

Note: This step is populating data from an integrated database. It is not necessary to integrate with a database, this step should be replaced with the relevant data for your process.

In the Get all from dbo.ProductData the Table will appear under Output Settings and under Output Type. Under Inputs set the Limit count to Ignore or specify the Input. Under Outputs and Done select the data, set to ProductData_Result.

ForEach Step

In theForeach Step Editor , select the Data Type and select the collection outcome under  Collection. Under Common Properties and underData select the database that Decisions has been integrated with (Mock Data). Next, underInputs and Collection choose Select From Flow and then pickProducts_Result outcome.


Append HTML line

In the Append HTML Line editor underInputs next to line To Add select Merge HTML Text and select Show Editor to add the inputs. Next, to String Builder choose Select From Flow and select the CreatStringBuilder_Output.

Show Editor: SelectShow editor to open the Merge Text Editor . Create anHTML text using flow inputs on the left. Select the data from the database that you want to be displayed. Selected below is Current ProductName and Current Product ProductNumber.

To HTML Text

In the HTML Text editor under Inputs next to reset Data select Constant and check the box. Next to String Builder set toSelect From Flow and then Pick CreateStringBuilder_Output.

Connect the Pathways and Debug the Flow

After theSteps are configured in theProperties Tab underCommon Properties , connect the pathways as displayed. Complete the flow by selecting Debug and verify that the flow works properly.

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