Creating Rules From Intercepted Data

Last Updated: 11/05/2018 Introduced in Version: 5.0

This tutorial demonstrates how to create Rules based on Intercepted Data after an Intercept Rule has been created. Intercept Rules make it possible to evaluate data that has already been run in a rule as well as adding any additional rule needed to evaluate past data and new data. This data can be viewed in the Rule Set Results Folder.


Set up an Interceptor Rule:

Interceptor Rules



Rule Sets Result Folder

In this example use Intercepted Data to add an Interceptor Rule, begin in the Rule Set Results Folder.



With Intercepted Data record selected on the Intercepted Results Report select Add Rule > Intercept on the Folder Actions Panel.

Note: The option to add an Evaluation Rule can be done in the same way that you add an Interceptor Rule.


Next, give the new Intercept Rule a name, Name the Rule and select Create Rule to proceed to the Rule Designer. This Intercept Rule will apply to the whole Rule Set.


Rule Designer

In the Rule designer begin creating an Interceptor Rule. This Rule will evaluate whether the Age is 5 and if the age of the pet is 5 it will evaluate true. 

In the Rule Set Results, select one of the results from the Intercepted Data. Right-click and select Add Rule or choose Add Rule from the action panel at the bottom of the page. The Add Rule action gives you the option to either run an Evaluation rule or run an Intercept Rule. In the Rule Set Results Folder the data related to the selected Intercept Rule data will show in the Flow Data as the Rule Phrase is being built. The phrase builder will show how the current Intercept Data would evaluate for the specific instance.


Choose the correct verb for the Rule from the options in the drop-down list. The Rule Phrase evaluates against the Intercepted Data



In the Value for the Rule Phrase under Inputs select Constant and define a constant number for Age. The constant is defined as 5. 


Sample Data

In the Rule designer view all past Intercept rule data and how they evaluated by selecting Sample Data on the right side action panel. Select Rule Set Data and then select one of the data sets that have already been evaluated. This example shows that a 0year old bird has been evaluated as False. 



Interceptor Rules

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