Creating an Outbound SIP Flow

Last Updated: 06/05/2018 Introduced in Version:

Creating an Outbound SIP Flow


Outbound calls made through SIP credentials rely on having an additional outbound flow added to the handler. In Decisions, Sip credentials can be used to call through a SIP domain by creating a SIP Outbound flow . Before continuing you must Create a telephony handler.

This SIP Outbound Flow will have the Call Initiated data associated with the call being placed as an input.

In the case of using SIP credentials remember that the call from number will be sip:[SIP Username]@[SIP Domain]. The telephony call steps by default clean the SIP credentials off of this number leaving just the username. By unchecking the Clean SIP Data from Number option the call will be placed through the credentials on the domain.

To remove the SIP credentials from a number or username there is an additional step in Communication > Telephony > Phone > Clean SIP Indicators from Number. This step will clear the sip:@[SIP Domain]

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