Creating Favorite Actions

Last Updated: 05/04/2018 Introduced in Version: 2.0

Creating a favorite action may make sense for actions that are used on a consistent basis. When an action is made a favorite, it shows as a new name in bold, if a new name was given. The action also appears at the first level in the Actions menu. Note that the action naming is contextual to the type of entity. For example, if you choose to customize the “Edit Flow” action name, it will be reflected only on flows. You can make the customization exclusively available for the current user session, the user (always), or for all users of the Portal.

In this example, the Set Name and Description menu option will be made a favorite for all users, and renamed to Rename Flow.

From the Designer Folder, on a thumbnail for a flow, click on Action > Edit, and for the desired action to make a favorite or rename, click on the star icon.


Next, change the name in the OverrideName field to the desired name for the action. For example, you can name it Rename.


Determine if the favorite renamed action will be applicable to all users, just the current user, or just for the user for the current session only. The None option will remove the favorite setting and return the action to its original value.

Click OK. Whenever you need to make changes just click on the pencil next to the newly created favorite.


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