Creating a Designer Folder

Last Updated: 12/11/2018 Introduced in Version: 2.0

Designer Folder are collections of entities (such as portal pages, reports, forms, and flows) within specially configured folders. These folders are designed to make building your project faster, easier and more efficient with custom views, actions, filtering and more.

To create a new Designer Folder, select Add > Designer Folder from the Actions menu, provide a name in the resulting pop-up, and then click OK. The new Designer Folder will appear in the Folders tree.


Our example Designer Folder will be called My Designer Project.


Next the the Folders title select the icon to add


In the resulting Add Designer Folder pop-up, we will type “My Designer Project”. This will be the folder where our Designer Folder will be saved. We select Add At Root then click OK.



The Folders tree now contains a root folder called My Designer Project. When we select it, we can see in the Quick Links list that, in addition to the typical  [Browse] and Folder View links, there is also a third Tiles link.



The Tiles of a folder is only available for Designer Folders. In this view, entities are displayed as thumbnails, rather than rows in a list. These thumbnails can be filtered to display entities of only certain types or that have certain associated tags, by using the Type Filter and Tag Filter near the top of the view. Entities can also be created by using the Action Bar which, in a Designer Folder, includes buttons for creating flows, rules, portal pages, reports, and more.


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