Create Named Session

Last Updated: 12/11/2018 Introduced in Version: 2.0

A named session makes it possible to pass in a specific user account when invoking a workflow, via REST, without exposing the user account information. Instead, a session ID is used in the URL.


Create a named session log in as an Administrator and navigate to the designer folders and under System > Security > Named Sessions. Choose Add Named Session.

Enter a session name indicative of the intended user of the session.

Click on the For Account ID field Pick button, and navigate to the user account to associate with the session. Select OK.


Click OK again to go back to view the named sessions.

To use the session, right-click the named session in the named sessions list and select Get Named Session Value. Copy the named session value. It will replace the session ID parameter value in the workflow’s URL.


Navigate to the flow that will be invoked using the named session. From its Actions menu, select Run [Advanced] > Integration > Get REST URL With Session.

The URL will resemble:

Following &sessionID=, delete that session ID and replace it with the copied session ID of the named session. Now, when the flow is invoked using that URL, the user name will show as the account specified in the named session.

Optionally, you could add “&clearsession=true” the end of the URL.  This will ensure that each time the user exits the browser after completing the Named Session Flow/Form, the session is cleared and another user can run the same flow/form on the same machine with a different named session. 

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