Create a Drop Down List

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This example demonstrates how to configure a drop down component and add it to a Form. A drop down component has a created list that displays when the Drop Down arrow is selected. Select one item on the created list to display in the given drop down field.



Begin in the Form designer and select the Drop Down located in the Form Control Tab in the Favorites section in the Form designer (Figure 1). 



Drag Component to Form

Drag the drop down component onto the Form (Figure 2).

Figure 2


Configure Drop Down under 

In the Input Data section under the List Input Source select the desired Source from the  Drop Down List. The three selections listed below each pull or populated data differently (Figure 3).

  • DataName: There will be an input to the Form for the Data Name that is created.
  • Flow: There is a Flow that runs inside the Form to generate the list, (See Links for more information).
  • Static: Create a static list of options to select on the Drop Down. 

Figure 3

  • DataName

Set Input Data under List Items DataName create a Data Name and choose the Type (Figure 4).

Figure 4


  • Flow

Under List Input Source select the Drop Down arrow and choose Flow. Now a Flow ID can be selected or created. Under Flow Input Data select Update Inputs to add additional Input Data Names (Figure 5). 

Figure 5


  • Static

Under List Items add a list of items to the text box (Figure 6).

Figure 6


Add List Items (Figure 7).

Figure 7


After List Items are added on the Drop Down, the items listed will default as one Output with the Data Name set to “Selected” (Figure 8). 

Figure 8


Change the default Data Name from Selected to the desired Data Name. This example uses “Group” as the new Output Data Name. Use this Data Name to map the Drop Down in a Flow (Figure 9).

  • Note: Required Outcome Scenarios and Optional Outcome Scenarios determine the output based on the outcome you select. When more than one button is added to the Form either “Cancel” or “Submit” and a button is selected the outcome scenario is determined.

Figure 9

View completed Drop Down 

The Drop Down should now display the listed items on the Form (Figure 10). 

Figure 10




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