Create a Report and Email it Through a Job

Last Updated: 04/27/2018 Introduced in Version: 2.0
The portal enables a report to be generated according to a schedule and emailed to users and groups having accounts in the portal. To run a job that will create a report and email it to your users follow the instructions below.


In this example, a report of current insurance policies will be emailed daily, Monday through Friday, at 8:00 a.m. to two accounts. This example assumes the report already exists.
See for more information on creating reports. 
From the System > Jobs And Events folder, select Schedule Jobs. Click on Add Schedule Job.


Select Send Report Job and click Next.
Configure the email by selecting the report to send, and its recipients. Click Next.

Select the desired interval for executing the job and click Next.
Set the schedule for the job.
  • Hour field – Specifies the hour on which the job executes, according to a 24-hour clock. It will take into account the timezone set for the default location in System > Administration > System Data > Location.
  • Minute field – Specifies the minute on which the job executes
  • Run [week day] – Specifies the weekdays on which the job executes
  • Respect Business Days for Selected Days – When checked, the job will only execute on those days deemed as business days for the default location in the Business Hours > Work Days setting under System >  System Data > Locations, regardless of the Run [week day] values selected.

Click on OK.
When the job successfully executes, an email is sent to the recipients with the report data attached as .PDF and .CSV.

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Create a Report and Email it Through a Job?


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