Copy Designer Folder

Last Updated: 12/05/2018 Introduced in Version: 4.0

This tutorial demonstrates how to ‘Deep Copy’ Designer Folder. This feature was introduced in Decisions 4.0 and allows designers to copy Designer Folder with all entities in that Folder.


In this example we are going to demonstrate how to use Copy Designer Folder action.

For this example we created a Designer Folder with Flow, Form, and Rule.

To learn how to create Designer Folder, please click here.

Here is a document on adding Flows, Forms, and Reports to the Designer Folder.

Our Flow looks as following… For simplicity of the example we just connected Start and End Step.

The Form just has a Button control…

And, the Rule has no Rule Steps…

Next, we click Copy Designer Folder option from Folder Actions.

Copy Designer Folder window pops up… First, we provide New Name for our Folder. If we check Copy To Root check-box, our Folder will be created as Root Folder in Tree. Otherwise, we need to specify Parent Folder. We click Pick under New Parent Folder option.

In the resulting pop-up window we pick a Folder and click Ok.

Then, if we check Select Entities To Exclude check-box we will be able to control which items we need to be copied to the new Folder. When finished, we click Ok.

Our Folder is copied… If we navigate to it, we can see that only Flow was copied as we excluded other entities in Copy Designer Folder window.

We are going to edit our copied Flow next…

Simply add any step and save the Flow

Next, we navigate to Original Folder and edit the Flow.

We can see that original Flow is not edited…

Next, we compare Flow IDs… In the copied Folder we locate Flow and click Manage > Get Flow ID.

The ID of copied Flow

… is different from the ID of the original Flow which tells us that they are two different unrelated Flows. This is why this action calls ‘Deep Copy Designer Folder’.

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