Change Report Using Tiles Flow Behavior

Last Updated: 05/30/2018 Introduced in Version: 4.0

This tutorial demonstrates how to change Report in the Report Viewer component on the Page based on the Tile click. In Decisions 4.0 Tile components can send Data on click and Report Viewer component can listen to such events and refresh.


For this example we created two Reports:

Accounts Report.

And, Folders Report.

To learn how to build a Report please click here.

We begin in the Designer Folder with clicking Create Flow on the Folder Actions Panel.


In the resulting window we Name the Flow then we click CREATE to proceed to the Flow Designer.


Pick Tiles Source Flow from the Behavior drop-down list.


In the Flow Designer we add Create Tile Return step from All Steps [Catalog] > Communication > Dashboards category.


Then, we select Create Tile Return step on the work-space and open Edit Step window. In Tile Setup settings we pick TileHTMLText from  Tile Type Name drop-down list.


From Tile Action Type drop-down list we pick PushDataToControls.


Next, in Actions settings we define Constant Data Bus Name (Report).


Then, we locate our Accounts Report and get its Id using Action > Manage > Get Report ID option.


We copy Report ID to the clipboard.


Back in the Flow Designer, we set Report Id as a Constant Data Bus Value.


Then, we locate Tile Data settings, and pick Text Merge.HTML Mapping Type for Html Text input.


Using Merge Text Editor we build Html for our Tile.


Next, we add another Create Tile Return step to our Flow.


And, we setup this step the same way we set the first create Tile Return step in this tutorial. We are going to use the same Data Bus Name (Report). For Data Bus Value we use our Folders Report Id.


Then, we build Html Text for this step using Text Merge.HTML Editor.


Next, we connect the outcome from the second Create Tile Data step to the End Step in our Flow. For Tile Data input to the End Step we use Build Array Mapping Type.


For the first Item in our Tile Data collection we Select Value of the outcome from the first Create Tile Return step.


Then, we Add an item to our Tile Data collection. We Select Value of the outcome from the second Create Tile Return step for the second Item in our collection.


This completes our Flow. We can save the Flow and close Flow Designer.



Back in the Designer Folder we click Create Report/Page > Create Page/Dashboard on Folder Actions Panel. Then, we Name the Page and click CREATE to proceed to the Page Designer.


In the Page Designer we add Tiles Part component.


Then, in the Common Properties of the Tiles Part component we pick our Tiles Flow.


Html text returned by Tiles Flow shows up. Then, we add Report Viewer component from Reports category.


For the Report Viewer component settings we check Get Report Id from Selection Bus check-box.

For the Selection Bus Name we define ‘Report’ (selection bus name where our Tiles Flow pushes Report Ids).

This completes our Page design. We can save the Page and close Page Designer.

Back in the Designer Folder we locate our Page and from Actions menu on the thumbnail we click View > Preview Page.


Our Page loads and no Report displayed in the Report Viewer component.

We click on Accounts Report Tile, and Accounts Report loads into Report Viewer component.

Then, we click on Folders Report Tile, and Folders Report displays in the same Report Viewer component.




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