Starting with Reports

Creating Your First Report

Reports are entities that collect, filter, organize and display data in different formats, such as a table, matrix, summary, or chart. Reportable data can be sourced from the system itself, flows, folders or integrated systems, and filtered according to the sources’ contents.

Scheduling Report Snapshots

A snapshot is a record of the reported entities’ state when the snapshot was taken. A user can take a snapshot manually, or snapshots can be configured to be taken on a schedule. Snapshots are used in reports and can help track trends.

About Reports

[embed][/embed] Overview Reports are entities that collect, filter, organize, and display data. Often, Reports are used to display data on Pages. You can use multiple Reports...

Undelete an Entity

Overview This tutorial demonstrated how to Undelete when an Entity has been deleted. The video below shows a quick example of how this task is carried out. This is the same process for any deleted item...