Capturing Business Metrics in a Flow

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Business Metrics are quantifiable values that measure the success and efficiency of a given business process. For more information, see About Business Metrics.


In this example, Decisions lets you choose the Flow Step(s) associated with that application as a relevant business metric and display it in a dashboard for analysts to see. This example tracks approval versus rejections for a flow.


First, you must define your metrics. This will have an impact on the model building later. 


Define your metrics by going to System> System Data> Business Metrics/ SLAs



Select Add Metrics/SLA



The idea is to create categories and sub categories as well as sometimes referred to as Metric Names.



Input a Metric Category and Metric Name



Do this for both categories Approval and Rejection


You should now have two metrics and one category. 

 You can attach a metric to any number of steps across any number of flows and projects.  That is what makes metrics special. 

The approval or rejection is the metric, whether or not the percentage relates to the category. 

To apply the current metrics, a flow must be created by selecting Create Flow.

Name your flow and select Create.

In your flow, select Show Form from the Steps toolbox.


Create a form with two buttons, select Save and Close 



Select a form and in the Properties toolbox under Business Metrics > Metric Data. Select the highlighted icon


Select the metric of choice and select Pick when finished 

We do this for both Metrics/SLAs created previously 

Next, select Create Report 

Name the report and select Create

Once in the report in the Page Elements toolbox select Business Models > Business Models  

On the highlighted area where we placed Business Model in the Properties tab select Create under the Business Model label 

Name the flow and select Create

In the Steps toolbox Drawing>Shapes select Page-Empty  

In order for the Page to have an outcome path, one must be created by navigating to the Properties toolbox Configuration Defaults > Outcome Paths 

Connect both outcome paths to the end point

Navigate to the proper Designer Folder and create a Folder by Add >Folder 

Create a folder name and select Save

Navigate to Manage > Page > Add Page Report 

To pick your entity select Pick and in the resulting window choose the proper choice and select Pick

Select OK once done. 

A tile part of the source flow will display

Styling options are available. Select Edit to edit the flow 

Select a page and in the Properties tab you can view the Configuration Defaults. Custom colors may be applied. 

To apply labeling, under Steps navigate to Drawing> Label- Large 

To feed data from your metric into your drawing model, navigate to Business Metrics > LocalProcessing > Approvals as well as Rejections 

Avg Time: total time/ total count

Count: total number of steps started and completed

CurrentCount: number that was started but not completed


MaxTime: longest duration

MinTime: shortest duration

Percentage: count of Approvals versus Rejections 

Select Count for both Approval and Rejection 


The count will display back in the tile part of the source flow


Add Percentage to count the Approvals versus Rejections 

The total percentage will now display

Once a rejected count has been submitted the total will update the difference 

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