Advanced Portal Search

Last Updated: 07/11/2018 Introduced in Version: 4.1

This tutorial demonstrates advanced searching techniques in Decisions Portal. These search optimizations are introduced in Decision 4.1. Because this search enhancement is implemented using Full-Text Search in SQL Server, this feature has to be activated.

To activate Full-Text Search feature we need to run SQL Server Advanced installer.

In the Installation Type window we select ‘Add features to an existing instance of SQL Server’ and click Next.

Then, in Feature Selection window we locate and select ‘Full-Text and Semantic Extractions for Search’ under Instance Features > Database Engine Services, and click Next.

Next, proceed through the installation window…

After successful installation and system reboot we can confirm that Decisions is using advanced search. In the Portal we navigate to System Folder. Right-click on System Folder and use Get Full Text Search Status action.

Full Text Search information window pops up and should inform us the feature is Active.

Next, we are going to demonstrate some advantages of this feature…

By default, search engine tries to find entities by the matching phrase.

We can use ‘-or’ keyword to force search engine to find instances matching first OR second phrase.

 ‘-any’ keyword works similar to ‘-or’ keyword.

Also, we can use ‘search:name’ keyword to lookup matching phrase only in entity name…

Or, we can use ‘search:description’ keyword to search for the entities with matching phrase in description.

With ‘type:’ keyword we can search for the entities of desired Decisions Type if we define Short Type Name after colon. For example, we can search for ‘type:rule’ and get only matching Rules


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