Add Navigation Links to a Page

Last Updated: 07/03/2018 Introduced in Version: 2.0


Navigation links allow you to further customize your portal pages, by providing users with quick access to folders, URLs, flows, reports, or the service catalog. Add a Navigation Step to link a page. Drag and drop the Navigate To component to the page in the designer studio.



In the example, we create a page, add a Rules navigation link to it, then preview the page to see the link in action. To begin, navigate to a Designer folder and open up your Page/ Dashboard. To learn about how to create a page and dashboard navigate to the attached link:



In the Page Designer, in the Page Elements select the Navigate To Folder component, drag and drop it to the designer studio. In the Properties tab under Select Button Type choose Link  in the drop-down window. Under Folder Settings under Folder Pick the folder that the page will navigate to.


Save the Page and close the Page Designer. To preview the Page, navigate to the Page Folder, (move page to its own folder in order to display the folder.) within the Designer Folder. Open this Page and select the Navigate to Folder button on the dashboard to navigate to the selected Folder. 



When you click the link, the folder opens and displays the information saved in the selected folder. In this example Application Report was selected as the folder that you can quickly navigate to form the Page/ Dashboard display. Use this Navigate to step in the page designer to further customize your pages. 

For more information on customizing pages see attached link:


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