Adding a Group

Last Updated: 12/11/2018 Introduced in Version: 2.0

Groups are collections of accounts that share a common set of responsibilities, such as testers, developers, or marketing staff. By organizing accounts into groups, permissions, assignments and other properties or interactions can be set for many accounts at a time.


To add a new group, navigate to System > Security > Groups and select the Add Group button.


In the resulting Add Group dialog, give the new group a name by typing “Testers” in the Group Name field. To finish creating the group, select OK.


The new group, Testers, appears in the list. To add users to the Testers group, select it and, in its Actions menu, select Add/Remove Account.


In the resulting Add/Remove Accounts dialog, select the Add button.


In the resulting Select Account pop-up,  select an account and then OK.


The user now belongs to the Testers group, as well as any other groups of which they may have been a prior member.


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