Add Tag Action

Last Updated: 12/07/2018 Introduced in Version: 2.0

A “tag,” a short, easily remembered name, can be assigned to entities such as documents, reports, forms, and flows. Users can enter tags when searching for an entity. Assigning the same tags to similar entities allows them to appear together in search results, and to be grouped together on reports. The Tags filter feature in a Designer Projects folder is a helpful way to quickly find entities with a certain tag.

Add a tag by navigating to the project folder containing the entity, then selecting the entity’s thumbnail and entering the tag in the tag field.


In the example, add a tag to an entity.
First, navigate to the project folder containing the entity to tag, then select the entity to add a tag to. Add > Setup > Manage Tags.
Type the tag in the field containing the text [type here to add tags] then press the Enter key.
A confirmation dialog displays, select Yes.
The tag appears in the entity’s tag field and in the Advanced Search Bar.

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