About Process Folders

Last Updated: 04/26/2018 Introduced in Version:


Process Folders are part of a built-in data storage and management scheme in Decisions. Flows can store and manage data inside of any storage scheme, for example in a database or file system. Decisions also offers Process Folders as an internal tool for storing and managing persistent flow data in the platform itself.

Process Folders are related to Flow Execution data because they save data for a given instance of a Flow being run. For example, you can use the Process Folder to save and update the Process State for a given instance of a Flow. For more information on Process State, see http://documentation.decisions.com/setting-a-processs-state-and-state-reason/.

How to Add a Process Folder to a Flow

In the Flow Designer, Steps listed under the category Flow Management > Data can be used to create Process Folders, store process data and states, save files and more. The Setup Process Folder Step creates Process Folder. Add it to a flow in the Flow Designer. In the Toolbox panel, expand the category Flow Management > Data and drag a Setup Process Folder component to the workspace.


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